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it got better

and so their love story begins!! Quick someone write a fic!! pleaz?? 

The brunette leaned against the male next to him unconsciously, closing his eyes as the soft bumps and skidding across the tracks lulled him to sleep. Before the young man had known it, a sudden warmth had enveloped his whole being. Finding the heat quite comforting, he began to nuzzle against it, only to find curiousity strike him. What exactly was he leaning against? With a soft yelp, he pulled himself away from the source of warmth, staring wide eyed at the man before him, a sweet and kind smile spreading through the others features. Mocha hues averted, a soft blush dusting his pale cheeks as he coughed into his hand, whispering an apology before looking at the nearby window in embarrasment. However, this action did not seem to bother the one he had leaned against.

Did I wake you? You seemed to be having a good dream.” He chimed, the same kind smile never faltering as he spoke.

A-Ah..! N-No…..I uh….just kind of dozed off. I never really um.dreamed about anything….

Oh? But everyone has dreams; whether they are of grief or inexplicable happiness, don’t you think it’s beautiful?

The brunette parted his lips to reply, only to be caught off guard again. Who was this man, and why was everything coming out of his mouth sounding so beautiful? “Y-Yeah…they really are. Do I….know you…?

He smiled once again. “Would you like to get to know me?

Crimson flooded his cheeks instantly at the invitation. Something about this man seemed so calm and gentle, even as his nerves wracked and he fidgeted, just one quick look in the others eyes was all it would take for him to calm down.

Do you….want me to get to know you?

Yes.” The reply was short and straight to the point, but at that moment it didn’t really matter. All he could do was attempt to slow his rapidly beating heart in hopes that the other would not hear it.

Can we stay in touch then?” He asked insecurely, not exactly sure what to do in this certain scenario.

A few hours passed after they exchanged cellphone numbers, the subway halting at the next stop. Both stood up reluctantly, not wanting to end the interesting conversation they were currently having. Once out of the subway, the cold air felt like a slap against his face, not to mention having to go separate ways from the other. The brunette stared at him sadly, but was surprised once again when the other turned around to face the other.

You want to know what the most beautiful and wondrous things about dreams are?

What?” He asked curiously, not sure where he was going with this question.

When they eventually become reality, and you meet your dream in person.” He said happily, pointing towards the other.

((Sorry if this is really cheesy, I hope you enjoyed it))

OMGG this is wonderful beautiful just perfect!!! THANK YOUU o(≧▽≦)o

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